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Today the trend is highly accessible intelligent cameras.  The applications are endless. Shel-Bar has experience integrating IP camera with Access Control and SIP communication non-proprietary devices for applications including Automated Confined Space system to enforce and augment safety protocols in many industries.  Municipal, Commercial and Industrial multi-site monitoring and centralised control stations benefit from the integrated platform to assist the operators with an intuitive interface to multiple systems that provide a multi-sensor information to provide maximum situational awareness. Wireless communication links or VPN hardwired links are often required to provide a cost effective traditional Access Control or Surveillance System.  To that end, Shel-Bar provides rental or outright purchase portable and customizable security trailers.  For work alone sectors, law enforcement and first response, transportation and other public facing sectors, body worn cameras compliment existing Video Management System such as Genetec Security Center. With applications surfacing constantly Shel-Bar has the ability to provide solutions and evolve with the industry

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