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Shel-Bar Social Committee proudly donated $1000 to the Airdrie Food Bank for this christmas season (2020)
Though it was a short season this year Shel-Bar was proud to partner with the Airdrie City U15 Hockey team for 2020 winter season. Well done kids!

Lioness Christmas Hamper Delivery Day 2018

Shel-Bar had an amazing time participating in the Airdrie Lioness Christmas Hamper drive. We were very excited at the level of employee participation. The experience was very rewarding and we look forward to participating next year.


robotics logo.png

Shel-Bar Electronics is proud to sponsor the youth of the W.H. Croxford High School Competitive Robotics team (2017/18). VEX robotic competitions are a great resource for kids interested in the IT and robotics sector. Delving into Computer sciences, coding.


Alexis and Alyssa Maucieri pictured above with Sheldon Grollmuss CEO 

Shel-Bar is proud to sponsor two Alberta youth athletes shooting it up across the province.

Alexis Maucieri

With the support from Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. I was able to shoot a Moose, a Mule Buck, and a Mule Doe with my bow last season.  I have been fortunate enough this season to shoot my Mule Buck with my bow, and I cannot wait to see what else this season has in store for me.  In the off season I am busy volunteering or attending Archery Tournaments and practicing in my garage or at the Calgary Archery Centre.  With the help of my sponsors I have been able to attend over 20 tournaments this year which included the Oilman’s Shoot, the largest Outdoor 3D tournament in Canada which I came in 2nd, as well as 3D Provincials which I came in 4th, and the 2017 Canadian Indoor Championships which I came in 16th.  All these accomplishments would not be possible without the help of sponsors like Shel-Bar   Electronic Industries Ltd.

Alyssa Maucieri


With the support from Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. I was able to attend and compete in over 20 archery tournaments this past year.   Just some of my accomplishments are…3rd place in the 2017 Canadian Indoor Championships, 1st place in 3D Provincials, and 1st place in The Oilman’s Shoot, Canada’s largest Outdoor 3D tournament.  I love sharing my passion of Archery with anyone who would like to listen.  I like teaching new people the sport of Archery, and getting kids my age involved with Archery.  I would not be able to attend all the tournaments my family goes to without the support of amazing sponsors like Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd.  With their support I am able to compete in a sport I love and share it with others.  Thank you Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. for believing in me and helping me accomplish my dreams!

Alyssa has qualified also for the 2018 Alberta Winter Games.  Go Alyssa

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