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Security Technologies

Shel-Bar Electronic Industry's Integrated systems have been able to fill a broad variety of realized needs. Intelligent surveillance, Access Control, Asset Management and unique integration allow Shel-Bar the flexibility to realize their clients' foreseen system requirements. Our clients can expect professional and knowledgeable system architects to develop a system that repairs security, safety, access control and asset management weaknesses.


Clients running GENETEC as their chosen VMS have also been able to work with Shel-Bar and GENETEC to integrate new technologies as they arise.  Genetec supports Licence Plate Recognition and Body Worn Cameras, Intelligent Drone Integration as well as Locomotive DVR systems to support Shel-Bar with its clients desires.  Recently Shel-Bar has partnered with Genetec to develop a Confined Space safety system to allow multiple confined space sites to be monitored through its Intelligent monitoring software as well as access control, communication and alarming technology aiding in a comprehensive system of monitoring Personnel while meeting or exceeding safety protocols.

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries has experience developing systems that can service beyond security and Integrate beyond standard integration systems. Please contact us with your system requirements to see what we can do for you.

Access Control

Offering Key-less access through bio metrics or card readers. Remove the need to re-key when there are staff overturns.  Key cards can be added and removed to our Access control system instantly.

Locomotive DVR

On board DVR systems for Locomotives to meet Homeland Security and National Safety and Surveillance mandates. Powered by GENETEC Our system is top of the line and up to current required Standards.

Custom Storage

Ensuring your storage needs are sufficient for all IT and security technology. Delivering custom storage for individually designed systems tailored to your companies unique needs.

Portable Security Trailers

Portable Security trailers are a Customizable solution for temporary or dynamic Security Surveillance needs. Special events, Oilfield and worksite clients can expect a solution that adds to safety, security and an eye on assets preventing lost time and revenue.


Shel-Bar Electronic uses experience and knowledge to fit your system with Camera technology to fit diverse needs throughout your property. With a firm understanding of camera scope and functionality you can be confident that the Surveillance equipment suggested for your project will meet the scope of your security needs.

Body Worn

For personel entering dangerous situations or exposed to dynamic situations bodyworn can provide a clear eye for first responder support teams and a record of account from personel point of view. This provides the client with video testimony that 

Intrusion Detection

Secure your property with Intelligent alerts and surveillance systems that deter and provide recourse for Asset management issues.


Safety is an ongoing progressive responsibility for companies and its employees alike. Work alone and surveillance technology for officers to manage multiple sites has been deployed and been successful both as permanent fixtures or portable systems.

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