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Facility and Building Maintenance

Electrical systems are an integral part of most client operations. Maintaining these systems prevents downtime and encourages productivity. When looking to upgrade to meet green initiatives, improve function or upgrade wiring Shel-Bar Electrical teams are ready and qualified to do the job. Qualified and experienced professionals can assess your needs, provide suggestions to keep your operations running smoothly and provide industry knowledge and products to bring your company current to green initiate expectations. 

Wether the required Service is Large or small Shel-Bar Electricians are qualified and able to complete your maintenance needs in a timely manner to ensure the job is completed correctly and Safely.

  • Lighting

  • Wiring

  • Inspection/ Shutdown

  • Fire Alarms

  • Panels

  • Receptacles

  • Controls

Office with Hanging Lights
Electrical Inspectors
Technician test fire panel in data cente
Lock out & Tag out , Lockout station,mac
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