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“Do it right the FIRST TIME” is the corporate motto.


Shel-Bar Electronic Industries

Since 1974

Shel–Bar Electronic Industries ltd. was founded in 1974. Initial focus was on the design, maintenance and implementation of communication systems. In keeping pace with evolving technologies the company added “high end” security systems to its repertoire. Since 2003 Shel-Bar has become a key leader in the Security Industry. Partnering with Genetec has ensured that only the highest standard of design and equipment are being implemented. Along with a highly trained staff, Shel-Bar continues to “raise the bar” with custom designs, equipment sales, installation and service for its clients. Shel-Bar is a true full system integrator. 


Shel-Bar is a turnkey system integration company. Supporting projects through concept, design, installation and implementation. We ensure our clients understand their systems and provide training as needed. Our commitment to excellence prevents us from leaving a job half finished or non operational. We endeavor to "do it right the first time!"

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