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Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. is proud to announce its partnership with Wavestore, a leading provider of advanced video management software (VMS). Together, we are revolutionizing the world of locomotive security with state-of-the-art on-board Locomotive DVR systems powered by Wavestore's Linux-based VMS software.

Our collaboration brings forth a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for the unique needs of the railway industry. Shel-Bar's expertise in security integration and Wavestore's renowned VMS software combine to deliver a comprehensive and robust video surveillance system for locomotives.

  1. Advanced Video Surveillance: Shel-Bar's Locomotive DVR systems, integrated with Wavestore's VMS software, provide high-resolution video capture and storage capabilities. This ensures that critical moments during locomotive operations are recorded with exceptional clarity, helping railway operators maintain a vigilant eye on security and safety.

  2. Linux-Based VMS Software: Wavestore's Linux-based VMS software is known for its stability, scalability, and flexibility. By incorporating this powerful software, our Locomotive DVR systems offer a reliable and adaptable platform that meets the evolving needs of the railway industry.

  3. Enhanced Safety: The integration of our Locomotive DVR systems contributes significantly to enhancing safety in railway operations. Real-time monitoring, incident recording, and secure data storage enable rapid response and proactive incident management.

  4. Efficiency and Compliance: Shel-Bar and Wavestore jointly empower railway companies to optimize cargo security, operational efficiency, and compliance with industry regulations. Our solution sets a new standard for locomotive surveillance, ensuring that both assets and personnel are protected to the highest degree.

  5. Customization and Support: We understand that each railway operation is unique. Therefore, our partnership offers customization options to tailor the Locomotive DVR systems to the specific requirements of our clients. Our dedicated support teams are committed to ensuring that railway operators have the tools they need to succeed.

In this dynamic era of transportation, Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. and Wavestore are at the forefront of innovation, offering cutting-edge technology that not only enhances the security of locomotives but also elevates the standards of safety, efficiency, and compliance within the railway industry. Trust in our partnership to deliver the future of locomotive surveillance solutions.

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