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Commercial / High-Rise

Protecting your buisness and whats important! Explore new security integration technologies for your application with Shel-Bar!

Camera, Video surveillance, Card Access, Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Watch 

Warehouse & High-rise Building Protection

Employee Access Management

Safer with Shel-Bar

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries excels in providing comprehensive security integration solutions designed specifically for commercial enterprises, empowering businesses to enhance the safety and protection of their valuable assets and personnel. With an in-depth understanding of the unique security challenges faced by commercial entities, Shel-Bar offers a range of cutting-edge technologies and services.


This encompasses state-of-the-art access control systems, advanced video surveillance solutions, and highly responsive intrusion detection systems, all seamlessly integrated to establish a robust and interconnected security infrastructure. Going beyond hardware, their offerings encompass user-friendly software platforms facilitating real-time monitoring, instant alerting, and data analysis. Shel-Bar's steadfast commitment to innovation, reliability, and tailored solutions ensures that commercial clients can effectively safeguard their operations, assets, and confidential information while adhering to the highest industry standards.


"Do it right the first time" is our motto

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