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Oil & Gas

Protecting and monitoring Oil Field workers, machinery and operations! Explore new security integration technologies for your application with Shel-Bar!

Camera, Video Surveillance, Card Access, Intrusion Detection, and Perimeter Watch 

Confined Space Monitoring

Employee Access Management

Safer with Shel-Bar

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. is a trusted partner in the oil and gas industry, offering reliable electronic solutions. We prioritize safety and compliance with industry regulations while offering real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions. We work closely with leading oil and gas companies to tailor our products to their unique needs, optimizing their operations and enhancing their efficiency.

At Shel-Bar Electronic, we are committed to driving innovation and supporting the growth of the oil and gas sector, offering cutting-edge technology and expertise to ensure our clients' success in this dynamic industry.

Gas Plant
Shel-Bar Engineered Confined Space Monitoring

Innovating Oil & Gas

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. is transforming confined space monitoring in the oil and gas industry with advanced sign-in and sign-out camera systems. This innovative approach centralizes monitoring in a video surveillance room, eliminating the need for manual checks and improving safety and efficiency. Our technology provides real-time insights, streamlines operations, and ensures compliance, setting a new standard for confined space monitoring in the industry.

"Do it right the first time" is our motto

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