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Property Managment

Protecting your propertys and the people that live in them! Explore new security integration technologies for your application with Shel-Bar!

Camera, Card Access, Perimiter Watch and Intrusion Detection

SmartRent Technoloy Integration 

Apartment and heavily populated living

Safer with Shel-Bar

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries is a trusted provider of comprehensive security integration solutions tailored for property management and apartment complexes. Our expertise empowers property managers to enhance the safety, security, and convenience of their residential properties. We offer a range of cutting-edge technologies and services, including advanced access control systems, video surveillance solutions, and intrusion detection systems, seamlessly integrated to establish a robust security infrastructure. Trust Shel-Bar to provide efficient and reliable solutions that safeguard your property, residents, and operations while adhering to industry standards. We are committed to innovation, customization, and helping property managers create a secure and comfortable living environment for their residents.

Property Management
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Innovating Rental Communities 

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries is proud to be the inaugural Canadian distributor for SmartRent, a pioneering multi-unit automation company that places a strong emphasis on security and safety within residential properties. Our partnership with SmartRent equips developers, property owners, and managers with cutting-edge tools that prioritize the well-being and protection of both residents and properties.


SmartRent's advanced security solutions integrate seamlessly into multi-unit residential buildings, offering comprehensive access control systems, video surveillance capabilities, and intelligent device management. These technologies enhance the security of the property, providing robust safeguards against unauthorized access and potential threats. Residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their safety is a top priority.

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