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Safety Technologies

Safety for personnel is paramount. Today, work alone legislation, increased safety awareness and public liabilities have evolved to a point that implementing technology that is portable and integrates into your VMS actually reduces company stressors and provides a certain degree of confidence for our clients. Clients can have greater confidence that personnel are not only well protected but that when a situation arises clarity can be achieved through video collection providing clear answers and streamlining investigation processes. 


Maintaining an approach that utilizes the latest technology in situational surveillance allows our clients to step forward incrementally and productively. Our relationship with Genetec VMS has proven to be extremely productive when clients choose to shoot for leading innovation and desire to integrate new market technologies or design systems specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Body worn Cameras can provide additional eyes and ears on job-site and in situations where escalations require documentation or support. Whether for paroling Security, law enforcement or personnel in work alone situations body worn can be a solution that protects our clients and their personnel. 


Shel-Bar can design and build a number of portable solutions to assist in whatever our clients require. GENETEC VMS can be seamlessly applied to these applications allowing clients to experience intelligent VMS for their dynamic working needs. From gas-plant shutdown, temporary surveillance systems to Security trailers Shel-Bar can work with you in liability reduction and asset protection. Developing a system with successful award-winning intelligent VMS can help ensure personnel are safe and healthy in enclosed space operations or work alone scenarios.

We have experience in meeting requirements for explosion proof equipment and diverse environmental circumstances as well as an excellent working relationship with the industry leading VMS developer GENETEC.

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