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Protecting transportation services and making them safer! Explore new security integration technologies for your application with Shel-Bar!

Cameras, Licence plate detection, & Analytics

Monitoring Vehicle Parkades and Bus Depots

Class 1 Locomotive DVR systems

Safer with Shel-Bar

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries excels in transportation security solutions, encompassing license plate recognition (LPR) systems, parkade video monitoring, bus depot surveillance, and locomotive DVR systems. Our technology enhances safety, access control, and asset protection, streamlining operations for transportation companies. Trust Shel-Bar for efficient and reliable solutions that safeguard passengers and assets while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Parking Lot
Tracks and Train

Innovating Locomotives

Shel-Bar Electronic Industries Ltd. is at the forefront of transforming freight train security with locomotive DVR systems powered by Wavestore VMS, custom-tailored for the unique needs of freight trains. Our holistic solution empowers freight railway operators with advanced video surveillance, remote monitoring, and streamlined data management. Leveraging our expertise in this domain and the capabilities of Wavestore VMS, we enable freight train companies to enhance cargo security, boost operational efficiency, and expedite incident response. Through these innovations, we play a pivotal role in fostering a more productive and secure freight transportation system.

"Do it right the first time" is our motto

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